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C K Disclaimer

Coronado Katz LLC is a law firm founded by Steve Coronado and Mark Katz.

Why “The Litigation Department“?

We are in an era of specialization.  While it’s true that some state bar associations will not allow attorneys to advertise “specialties,” the fact is there are very few attorneys out there who “do everything” or even claim to.  Large law firms typically have great numbers of lawyers who tend to work in particular areas of law – commercial transactions, governmental regulations, tax, corporate structure, and real estate to name a few.  And, down the hall, they have a litigation department – the lawyers who handle their clients’ disputes.

Our firm is dedicated to litigation. You won’t find our lawyers in the boardrooms of America’s corporations; instead, you’ll see us in courtrooms, arbitrations and mediations – helping our clients resolve disputes.  We’re just like those attorneys “down the hall” – working with our clients to solve problems, representing their interests in court.  Unlike the large law firms, our clients don’t walk down the hall from their corporate lawyer’s office – our clients are referred to us by their personal attorneys, the lawyers who handle their businesses or their estate plans.  Some of our clients are referred to us by lawyers in other cities and states – for us to act as lead counsel or to help out as local counsel.  Some of our clients come to us through their insurance companies, because they’ve been sued and their insurance companies hire us to defend them.  And, some of our clients are referred to us by other clients, folks who we’ve helped in the past.  To these attorneys, insurance companies and clients, we’reThe Litigation Department.”

Mark Katz


The purpose of this blog is to talk about issues that affect lawyers and their clients.  Of course if a lawyer’s going to put something in writing, there’s got to be a disclaimer.  Here’s ours:

  1. This blog discusses various legal issues and cases; however, every case is different, so nothing in this blog should be considered legal advice.
  2. Questions about how the law applies in any given situation should be discussed with and reviewed by a qualified attorney who is licensed to practice in the right jurisdiction.
  3. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.
  4. Merely reading this blog, posting a comment, or sending us an email does not create an attorney-client relationship.
  5. Communication through the internet, blogs and email is not secure; such communications may be copied and held by various computers on the way to their destination; and people who are not participating in such communications may intercept them by improperly accessing computers.

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